The traditional taverns of Santorini & local products of the island.


The cultivation of the local products on Santorini is not a easy thing, because the weather is usually very dry and the ground is not very fertile.


From ancient times the people of Santorini discovered different ways to cultivate the soil and to make the land more friendly for the agricultural products and the wines of Santorini.These techniques are applied until today so Santorini is famous for the unique tastes of local food.


Some of the local products cooked and served in many traditional taverns in Santorini are:  

"White Eggplant"-Santorini’s white eggplants are sweeter than the ordinary eggplants. usually served fried.

"Katsouni" -is the name for Santorini’s cucumber. You can find and taste it in a Santorini Salad at restaurants and taverns on the island.

"Chloro" -white creamy goat cheese!

"Santorini Tomato" -small cherry tomatoes with a sweet flavor ideal for Local salad.

"Santorini wild capers" and "Fava".


Most traditional taverns on the island serve authentic meals at the table cooked with traditional recipes, local meat and fresh fish fished in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.


With your meal you can choose a Local or a Greek wine, white or red, cold Greek beer or Ouzo depending on your moods.


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