All about Santorini island and the magic power of the Volcano.


We welcome you to the magical island of the Aegean Sea, here you will experience a mixture of emotions especially when you stand at the edge of the caldera's cliffs for your first time.

Few islands in the world have been loved so much as Santorini and when you look towards the volcano you will feel some feelings you haven't ever felt before, either alone or with your friends or with your family.

The image of the Caldera is something very special as the island of Santorini offers a fantastic panoramic view at the volcano located in the middle of the natural bay of Santorini, called "the Caldera".

The Caldera is the creation of a large volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago and resulted for the current configuration of the island, into three pieces, three islands.

The main island called Santorini or "Thira", the small island you will see across the main part called "Therasia" and of course the Volcano or otherwise "Kameni" which in the Greek language means "Burnt".

At the Volcano you can go only by boat and of course you can choose to go on a excursion to the volcano by boats or you can make a tour at the Volcano by asking a local tourist office.

There you will find tour-guides and they will explain to you the history of the island, and if you choose an afternoon tour at the volcano you will enjoy the fantastic sunset in a wooden sailing ship.

Each year even more visitors come to the island from around the world and from different countries to see up close the splendor of the natural beauty that exists in this place and stay in beautiful hotels of Santorini enjoying the Greek seas in the beach under the Greek sun, taste traditional dishes and one of the most famous wines in the world.

Finally we recommend you to take with your own cameras in order to capture the best photos from the island and enjoy the best moments that can offer this small Aegean island in Greece called "Santorini".


Going to Santorini in Greece .


You can go on the island by several ways, course because Santorini is an "island", one of the most traditional ways is by a ferry (ship) or by a Cruise Ship.


The ferries to Santorini depart from the port of Piraeus in Greece and you can choose between two types of ships, regular passenger ships (ferries) or high speed ferries from Piraeus port to Santorini island and the trip takes about 8 hours with a ferry and about 5 hour with a high speed ferry.


If you choose a normal ferry you are going to see more islands of the Cyclades, such as the port of Paros, Naxos and Ios island and that's because these ports are stops of the ship's route until the final destination, the port of Santorini or "Athinios port".


From the harbor of Santorini "Athinios" to Fira, the center of Santorini is approximately 20 minutes drive by local bus or a taxi.

Fira Town is the capital of the island,  with many restaurants and cafes overlooking the Caldera, the Volcano, the many Cruise ships are docked in the bay of Santorini and many tourist & souvenirs shops scattered in the small alleys of the city.


There you will see the old port of the island and to get there you must go down walking about 650 steps or take the Cable car which transports visitors to and from the old port at Fira.

An alternative way is to take a ride with the donkeys of Santorini which also carry many visitors from cruise ships.

"The excursion-tours to the Volcano starts from the old port".


The other way to go to Santorini in Greece is by plane departing from Athens and specifically from ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT "Eleftherios Venizelos" and the flight takes about an hour to Santorini Airport, Greece | JTR International Airport,  located near Kamari village and next to Monolithos area just 10 minutes away from Fira Town.


In case you have your own ship or Yacht and one of your stops is the island of Santorini, there is a small harbor on the south coast of the island "Vlihada port" where you can moor your ship there.

Staying on Santorini.

During your stay on the island of Santorini you can make many beautiful things to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Greece.


You can choose a beautiful and attractive Hotel overlooking the caldera and the volcano or a hotel next to one of the beaches of Santorini.

Of course this depends on your financial situation because the hotels overlooking the caldera is a little more expensive than other hotels but do not be afraid, because in Santorini you will find several hotels that can serve any of your requirements and through our website you can choose one of our recommended hotels in Santorini which we choose for you just before your search and with the best prices.


The island is not very large, because from north to the southern tip the distance is about 35 km (25 miles), and we assure you that it is worth to visit almost all the the must-see attractions in the island, the beaches and the villages of Santorini in Greece.


You can do this with different transport vehicles like the local buses, taxis, rent a car or motorbike.

For your car rental needs in Santorini you can find many "rent a car" offices on the island and at the best prices.

If you choose the route with the local buses be sure to stay informed about the route schedule of the bus and the village you like to go.


We would like to mention the best points of interest on the island of Santorini starting first of all from "the Fira", the capital of Santorini.

In Fira town you will find many things to do such as a walk at the narrow streets in Fira with many small souvenir shops and enjoy a juice, a coffee or your drink in one of the beautiful cafes watching the Caldera and taking many photos with your friends.

If you choose an afternoon walk in the capital and just before the sunset you can find a table at one of the many restaurants in Fira and watch the magnificent sunset with beautiful Greek flavors and local Wine.


Two museums are located at Fira Town where are hosting remarkable findings of the ancient civilization and the culture of Santorini.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thira is located in Fira and has an extensive collection of ancient findings from the excavations in Akrotiri Village and Ancient Thira at Kamari village.


On the north side of the the island you will find the famous village of Oia which is a traditional village of the Greek islands with many beautiful attractions.

The route from Fira to Oia is about the 20 minutes time by car or by bus, it's a beautiful route and if you like you can choose to make this walking in about 2-3 hours walk.

You will be thrilled with the unique cafes and very beautiful pictures of the village of Oia and remember that it is worth to go there to watch the sunset in Santorini with all the unreal and romantic colors you will see.


Santorini has a few but very different beaches and this is because they are made of black volcanic sand.

From the most famous part of the island to enjoy swimming is the beach in Kamari,Perissa beach and Perivolos.

All these tree beaches have black sand but you can find other coasts with white or red colours, like Vlychada or Red beach at Akrotiri Village on the south part of the island.

At Perissa and Kamari beach you can enjoy your cocktails or your food next to the sea in a nice beach bar or a traditional tavern.


If you love wine and want to taste authentic local wines from Santorini you can visit one of the wineries.

Near the village of Pyrgos and just 3 km from Fira town, there is the  "Santo Wines" winery with breathtaking views of the caldera where you can taste local wine or even your coffee making a welcome break from your Summer holiday.


If you are interested in archeology and archaeological discoveries you can visit the excavations at Akrotiri, a roofed museum contains the ruins of an entire village dates back at least 3,000 years ago.


Santorini have few bars and nightclubs you can visit for your nightlife and have fun with music, dance and enjoy your favorite drink with your friends.

Most of them are located in Fira and Kamari.


"day or night this island has its own beauty"


Santorini's Traditional Tastes! 

Now we will share with you all Santorini's traditional tastes and the flavors of Greek traditional cuisine.


When you visit one of the beautiful restaurants on the island you will be so excited with all the delicious appetizers and the local Santorini wine.


In the restaurant's menu you will read many Greek culinary creations,

such as the Greek salad (tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, & Greek feta which is a salty & crumbly sheep's milk cheese), with olive oil & oregano over the top.

-"Moussaka" (small layers of minced lamb with aubergine and a white sauce).

-Fried eggplant (the original is local white eggplant from santorini).

-"Dolmades" Vine leaves (stuffed with minced beef and rice).

-"Saganaki" (fried or Greek cheese).

-special "Domatokeftedes" or Santorini tomato balls ( Cherry local tomatoes, onion and flour fried in olive oil ).

-"Stifado" (cooked in casserole based either on veal, rabbit or beef with herbs, vinegar, tomatoes, garlic & many onions).

-"Pastitsio" (minced meat with macaroni and cheese under a béchamel sauce).

-"Soutzoukakia"(meatballs with tomato sauce and garlic accompanied with rice).

-"Gyros" (Pork or Lamb or Chicken meat similar to a doner kebab).

-"Souvlaki" (lamb, pork or chicken meat grilled on a skewer).


If you're vegetarian, you can choose a Santorini salad with caper&cherry tomatoes,

-Greek spinach pie, 

-“Santorini Fava” 

-"Gemista" (Stuffed tomatoes, peppers or eggplant with rice).


In the local restaurants you can order also many seafood dishes with good fresh cooked fishes,


- lobster

- Fish soup .


You will also find pizzerias for a good pizza or pasta and of course the traditional Greek "Gyro Pitta" and "Souvlaki Pita".


For your Dessert you can taste the traditional "Baklava" (filo pastry with honey & small pieces of nuts).


Santorini is famous mainly for its wines and it would be wrong not to try the wines of Santorini when you are on the island.

Most famous wines are "Assyrtiko" (Dry White Wine), "Nykteri"(White Wine) and Vinsanto wine (very good sweet dessert wine made from the sun dried grapes).

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